At SNC Investment Partners, we offer our investors the opportunity to leverage our experience in multifamily assets, allowing them to achieve residual monthly cash flow and capital appreciation. Depending on the particulars of each deal, individuals can invest with us as "Debt Investors" achieving a fixed rate of return, or as "Equity Investors" for a percentage share of the cash flow profits and building equity appreciation. 


SNC Investment Partners structure private partnerships on a case-by-case basis, depending on the deal available. It is our intention to typically hold an investment project between 3-10 years, with an overall annual targeted rate-of-return between 8 %- 20 %.over the life of the investment.


We seek out and identify underperforming assets in strategic markets throughout the United States to develop and create communities people will choose to live in whilst also creating substantial returns with our managed expertise. This is achieved by asset rehabilitation, repositioning and creative recapitalization. 


We will complete all market research and due diligence in selecting each property.  By leveraging our relationships with sellers, brokers, attorneys, accountants, lenders and other industry professionals, we are able to efficiently manage and execute on every aspect of the acquisition process including sourcing, underwriting, structuring, and financing. After securing the property each investment will benefit from SNC Investment Partners' hands on approach. We strive to ensure our investors will have a hassle free, transparent experience.



SNC Investment Partners will streamline the process from acquisition to sale.


Many individuals are unaware of the ability to utilize their IRA or 401K to invest in Real Estate. Our investors can opt to invest in our multifamily projects through utilizing their IRA, old 401k, old Annuity plans, SEP IRA or ROTH IRA. They too can then profit from real estate through the debt investing and equity investing this is a great alternative option to diversify your portfolio

and help you reach your retirement goals without penalties or tax implications. 


SNC Investment Partners has a strong relationship with IRA Services Trust Company, making the process to get started easy and streamlined. 

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